A Sound Collective: Digital Precision/Analog Sensibility

Digital Precision / Analog Sensability
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David Truran, MPA REALTOR®
6138 Bayou Bridge Dr.
Houston, Texas 77096

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A Sound Collective (ASC) specializes in enhancing the soul and spirit of music through high-density digital stereo mastering and vinyl restoration with state-of-the-art dithering, digital and analog processing, enabling the highest quality masters for your chosen medium.

ASC owner David Truran has over 14 years of experience mastering music, and over 30 years as a recordist, performer, and studio/system designer. He has lots of experience with quality live sound at festivals and venues. He recently built a studio optimized for mastering, yet excellent for mixing and intimate recording work. His passion is music, and his expertise can help your project from beginning to end. Hear select cuts on the ELR site, occasionally on NPR, and on discerning radio stations all around the world.

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Gospel, folk, ska, reggae, R&B, Blues, Jazz, classical recording and editing