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What They Say


Rodger French, Deluxe Vaudeville Orchestra, Presidential entertainer X2 (really): I recently traveled to Conroe, Texas to master my solo album, Main Squeeze, with David Truran and A Sound Collective. It was a great experience. Not only did I come away with a beautifully mastered CD, I also had the pleasure of being David's guest at his home; kind of a B & B for record producers. The casual atmosphere, not to mention the great food, really helped ease the pressures of the mastering process and I highly recommend it as a wonderful way to do business.


Denon CD Manufacturing, Madison: Awarded best technical master of the year, 1994 (It Keeps on Getting Better).

DJ's Otto Bost, WDIY, Bethelehem, PA, and Paul Porzio of WEBR, MD, both listed Carla Ulbrich's CD "Professional Smart Aleck" among their best picks for 2003. Edited and mastered at ASC.


Dr. Demento: "I Have to Kill You Now" (by Carla Ulbrich) was voted as the #1 Demented Song of 2003. Carla took three of the top ten slots (#1, #5, and #6 with "I Have to Kill you Now," "The Wedgie" and "The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs (Waffle House song)." Weird Al Yankovic was the other multiple song winner (#3 and #7).


Randy Myers, Echo Lake Records: "David engineered most of the tracking and mixing and all of the mastering for ELR projects, and everyone involved was really pleased with the process and with the technical aspects of the recordings. David isn't just a guy with good equipment - anybody can buy good equipment. Besides technical skills, he has very good ears, and he uses them first; plus he's a damn good player and luthier himself, and he knows acoustic instruments. He also has organizational chops and a personality that make him great to work with. We all felt that ASC was an environment that truly supported our efforts."


Recording magazine, May 2000: "... a fresh tongue-in-cheek delivery that Garrison Keillor should know about... A lot of fun, and a refreshing change from the norm." (Carla Ulbrich, Her Fabulous Debut, mastered at A Sound Collective)


Craig Rafuse, recording artist, Promise Land, X-Pand Band, Thermostats: "David, by the way, is a wizard, totally on top of the recording craft, and his easy-going, supportive personality creates an ideal climate for creativity. If you're in the market for a studio, A Sound Collective just might change your life."


Haniel Trisna, Trisna Productions: "You would be pleased to know (I hope) that since I knew you, I haven't sent anything anywhere else to date. Relationship is gold in my list. I also think that your willingness to go the "extra mile", burning the midnight oil to meet my client's deadline is invaluable. With that kind of customer service, I just can't go anywhere else... I had one song done by X (big mastering house up North that I, DT, highly respect), and based on that, your work is definitely very comparable. I like your ideas and suggestions that add to the song such as Intro level management, whether the song needs more ambience, etc. I don't know X well enough for him converse with me on those things. To me, he just does black-box mastering, mix in, master out, no questions asked."


Atlanta Journal Constitution: "A fiendishly clever union of Tom Lehrer's topicality and Weird Al Yankovic's goofiness, cut with Bobby McFerrin-style mouth music. Irwin's shows are good quirky fun, and so's his new CD, Banana Seat." (Recorded, mixed and mastered by A Sound Collective)


Teresa Cebulski (on behalf of ASC's project for Social Charities): "... don't forget your mastering, mixing and recording are still alive and well in Liberia, where Victoria and Annie are still living.  It was a great success over there.  Sister Sponsa has managed to take the land she bought for her children, which they own ...  It has been incredible what she has accomplished in the last few years.  They now have a school for kindergarten through 12th grades and are now working on building an actual building to house all the grades.  She has dormitories for the kids who live on the property to sleep.  She feeds hundreds of people daily who seek refuge from war, poverty, and starvation.  She has built a chapel for prayer.  So, although your name may not be known in Africa, there is a big part of you over there from your kindness and compassion in helping to permanently imprint a part of who the Liberian's are in music."


Tim Reis, Reasonable Records, It Keeps on Getting Better: "... David Truran for working so tirelessly, for patience with everything, for being so uncompromising in the pursuit of excellence in his craft, and for providing a home for music where writers and artists can commit their work to some permanence without committing themselves to poverty."


Sarah Rutledge, Rutledge Marketing: "If anyone hasn't gotten Sandra Sparks new CD, Wafted to the Skies, don't delay one minute. It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever listened too. The harmonies are rich enough to eat with a spoon and the music choices unique and charming. Run don't walk to get one!" (mastered at ASC)


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