A Sound Collective: Digital Precision/Analog Sensibility

- Greenlee's Rangers-Circle of Friends LIVE!  1988 - 1992, Masterly restored from ancient mono cassete tapes by Randy Myers - Greenlee's Rangers, Randy Myers on fretless bass, dulcimer, piano; David Truran on guitar/vocals; Circle of Friends, Randy Myers, fretless bass, fiddle, mandolin; Ruth Snyder, vocals, psaltry; Jerry Brunner,guitar/vocals; David Truran, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, percussion, vocals; Bob McAbee, occasional guitar, vocals; Margie McAbee, occasional voccal, percussion;  

Barbara Ann Dover (c) David Truran, 1994, 2012, guitar and bass; Craig Rafuse, drums and percussion; Tom Wolf, harmonica - again restored from cassette copies of lost recordings by Randy Myers

- Simple Gifts and Hard Lessons 1987  Album with Ruth Snyder, harmony vocals; David Truran, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, vocals, percussion; and Jerry Brunner, harmonica and 2nd guitar.

New third verse of Wild Mountain Thyme (c) David Truran, 1975, 2012, in memory of Julie Wilson.

- Death By Music Box Rag  (c) 2012, Randy Myers - very, very cool tune!

- Jerry Brunner  New recordings

- Nonesuch Live recordings


- Remembering John Renbourn: Sandwood Down to Kyle Video





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